October 17, 2019

Girls and Soldiers - 17. Fountains and girls


The Summer. Residents of the city saved from the summer heat. Girls and boys playing in a fountain again. Wet and sexy college girls. Wet T-shirts. Wet jeans. Wet shorts. Wetlook. The reason for swimming in fountain is not only heat. Former soldiers and their girlfriends celebrate the holiday in the fountain.

HD-95 Girls and Soldiers - 17. Wet college girls. HD video (1280 x 720). Length: 20 minutes.

October 07, 2019

The Summer. Fountain girls - 2

The Summer. Fountain girls - 1    HERE

The Summer. Wetlook and candid college girls. Sexy girls playing in a fountain. I love fountain girls. In summer, girls wear white clothes. Wet white clothes look very good. We see the girls in black jeans. Wet black jeans glisten in the sun. Wet T-shirts, wet jeans, wet white shorts, wetlook.

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